While he and his family have vacationed in Martha's Vineyard every summer since taking office, this year President Obama will not be heading there this summer. The Massachusetts State Police were told by the Secret Service that there would be no visit this year. Oh, well, guess reporters covering Election 2012 will just have to comfort themselves with images of Mitt Romney at his New Hampshire vacation home.

It turns out that the 30-acre estate that the Obamas rented, the Blue Heron Farm, was sold to British architect Norman Foster and his wife. While the Republican party has previously seized on images of Obama vacationing during the country's economic distress, not everyone can have an $8 million vacation home like Romney.

And the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce executive director Nancy Gardella said that the Obamas and their entourage were great for their economy, "They’re not asking for deals or negotiating rates. They ask for no favors; they cause no trouble; they pay on time. They’re the ideal customer," while an inn owner joked to the NY TImes, "It was our own little Martha’s Vineyard recovery act," when the press and White house folks arrived.

It's believed the Obamas will take a short vacation later this year. Today, Obama led a naturalization ceremony and will be having a barbecue at the White House.