President Barack Obama visited the Tonight Show last night, becoming the first sitting president to appear on the program. He discussed the hoopla as Commander in Chief ("Michelle jokes about how our motorcade -- you know, we've got the ambulance and then the caboose and then the dog sled. The submarine."), explained his Final Four picks, and, responding to a question about being judged after only 59 days in office, said, "We are going through a difficult time. I welcome the challenge. You know, I ran for President because I thought we needed big changes. I do think in Washington it's a little bit like 'American Idol,' except everybody is Simon Cowell."

Of course, a major topic was the economy, with Obama explaining how AIG crumbled to emphasizing his support of Secretary Treasury Timothy Geithner. Plus he said Americans should feel confident of their banks, "Look, first of all, everybody should have complete confidence in the banks. They're deposits are protected. They shouldn't be putting it in their mattresses. I will leave it up to others to provide individual, personal financial advice." You can read the transcript here and the video is below:

Of course, the clip that's getting most play is Obama's comment about his poor bowling skills—he's currently bowling a 129 and likened it to the "Special Olympics." ABC News' Jake Tapper said Obama delivered a "gutterball" with the appearance, pointing out that the Special Olympics remark could detract from his points about the economy.

Well, ABC News reports this morning that the president called Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver from Air Force One before the Tonight Show aired to apologize. Shriver told Good Morning America, "He was very sincere, expressed an openness and an interest in being more engaging in the movement and said he was a fan of the movement. And I think importantly said he was ready to have some of our athletes over the White House to bowl or play basketball or help him improve his score."