Yesterday, President Obama spent the late afternoon and evening in the Big Apple. The agenda: Thank the NYPD for thwarting the Times Square car bomb and then a fundraiser for House Democrats. At Police headquarters, Obama said, "I just wanted to stop by say,.Thank you. The country is proud of you... the president is proud of you. I don’t think I need to tell you that given the potential for attack everywhere in the country, we’ve got a lot to learn from what is taking place here."

With concerns over counterterrorism funding being cut (the White House says it increased with stimulus money), Obama also said he will "make sure that you are getting the support you need to protect this great city." The Daily News reports that Mayor Bloomberg had a "private meeting" with the president to drive home the point as well.

At the fundraiser, there were plenty of people who paid $15,000-30,000 for tickets, but they weren't Wall Street types. One investment firm official told the Post, "We won't be attending." Obama did acknowledge, "There are a lot of good people who work in the financial industry who do things the right way," but added, "When these institutions operate irresponsibly, they don't just threaten themselves, they threaten the entire economy... As we've seen, they threaten the entire economy, along with the dreams of millions of Americans. So we need reform that would ensure they operate in a honest, fair, open way. And we'll see who can stand up to the lobbyists and special interests who are trying to weaken this reform—even as we speak."