Last week, President Obama surveyed Hurricane Sandy's damage in the Garden State with new BFF NJ Governor Chris Christie—but he didn't step foot in NYC. Obama had offered to come by, but Mayor Bloomberg politely declined because of the clean-up effort (“We’ve got a lot of things to do"). But now that things have calmed down a bit, Obama will swing through town next Thursday. And Bloomberg is just "thrilled" about the drop in.

No, really, he's not being sarcastic, even though Bloomberg often comes across like Randy Marsh in the recent "Sarcastaball" episode of South Park. "We're honored to have him," Bloomberg said while taking questions during his afternoon press conference on the new Rapid Repair program. "When the first visit was, the president and I agreed it just wasn't the time to come to NYC, because so much stuff was happening...we're very happy to have him." This will be the first time Bloomberg and Obama have seen each other since Bloomberg endorsed the president.

Bloomberg was quite defensive when he was asked about rejecting the president's initial offer. "That's not true, I didn't ask him not to come, we had a conversation about where it would be most effective," Hizzoner said. "He can't go every place every time and we're thrilled to have him come." Maybe someone mixed up the real Bloomberg with his SNL doppelgänger: