Think your job sucks? The Times gives you the lowdown on Barack Obama's day: first a speech to the UN Climate Change Conference, with two impossible goals: establishing some kind of US credibility on the issue, and getting India and China to sign on. From there he meets with Mr. Sweetcakes himself, Benjamin Netanyahu, then with Mr. Energy and Action, Mahmoud Abbas, then with both of them at the same time.

Once he's got climate change and peace in our time in the can, he'll lunch with African heads of state — hopefully including our sharp-dressed desert despot — and then head for a summit meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao. Then it's to the Global Initiative sessions to talk about economic development in the Third World. Then a climate-change dinner in the evening.

We've got some text from WCBS 2 from his climate-change speech this morning. It's certainly not what previous American presidents have been saying: "We understand the gravity of the climate threat. We are determined to act," Obama said. "And we will meet our responsibility to future generations."

Really, sometimes it makes you wonder why anyone would want that job. That said, God bless him for at least trying. His agenda makes James Joyce's refrigerator look tame.