This morning, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama appeared on the Today show, an early morning pre-primary day media blitz, as it were. While it's unclear which Democratic presidential candidate will be victorious this fall, one thing was clear: Obama kept calling Matt Lauer "Tim."

The first time Obama appeared, he did greet Lauer as "Matt," but then he refers to him as "Tim." Lauer ignored Obama's gaffe the first two times, but by the third time, Lauer said something along the lines of, "I know you are tired, sir, but this is Matt." There was some joking that at least Obama got the right network, but will the Clinton “War Room” pounce on the gaffe and the video dominate the news cycle until tomorrow’s primary?

Was Obama tired from roller-skating? And who is this ‘Tim” – did the junior Senator mean Russert (who interviewed Obama yesterday) or did he think he was talking with another shady ‘60s radical from Obama’s mysterious past? Let's face it: You do not cross Matt Lauer--remember what happened with Tom Cruise?

At any rate, Time's Mark Halperin has a scorecard of Obama's and Clinton's messages on all three morning shows.