Presidential candidate Barack Obama appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and continued to speak out against the "phony outrage" of the McCain-Palin campaign over the lipstick on a pig remarks. Letterman asked Obama if he ever actually put lipstick on a pig at about the 1:00 mark in the clip above. Obama was playful, and eventually pointed out that if one were to actually follow the logic of the McCain-Palin camp illogic, Palin would be the lipstick in the situation. Letterman, for his part, enjoyed the fact that the Republicans actually had to have a meeting to demand an apology from Obama.

Obama also poked fun at himself at not being media darling du jour. But there were some serious questions: Letterman asked whether Obama would have chosen someone different (Hillary Clinton?) if John McCain had picked Palin first (Letterman also called the selection of Palin " doubt about it"). Obama said he wanted someone who can give him good ideas and good advice when he's making big ideas--and that's Joe Biden.

In the clip after the jump, Obama discusses Sepetember 11 and gives Giuliani credit and discusses some foreign policy.