President Obama was in New York yesterday to attend Reverend Al Sharpton's annual National Action Network civil rights conference. He delivered a speech there excoriating Republicans for attempting to obstruct Americans' ability to vote, nearly 50 years after the Voting Rights act was passed.

Obama, veering ever-closer to a purported bloodbath of a Senate election season, argued that the GOP's been making every effort to make it difficult for people to cast a vote. Recent legislative efforts have included shortening polling site hours on election days, cutting back early voting and requiring proof of citizenship at the voting booth. "This recent effort to restrict the vote has not been led by both parties. It's been led by the Republican party," he told the crowd yesterday afternoon. "If your strategy depends on having fewer people showing up to vote, that’s not a sign of strength. That’s a sign of weakness. And not only is ultimately bad politics, ultimately it is bad for the country."

Sharpton, fresh off this week's tabloid reveal that he was an FBI mob informant in the 1980s, praised Obama for the work he's done in his five-plus years in office. "No other president in the last 50 years has shown more action around protecting the rights of ordinary citizens and the civil rights of people denied than our ‘Action President,’ Barack Obama," he said. "I’m not talking about style. I’m not talking about rhetoric. I’m not talking about who would high-five us. I’m talking about action. I’m talking about affordable health care. I’m talking about private sector jobs… I’m talking about equal pay for women - Lilly Ledbetter was action."

In Obama's castigation against the GOP's voting legislation—in less than a year, 15 states have enacted or proposed legislation making it more difficult to vote—he did note he would have no problem making it to the voting booth himself, no matter what human hairpiece Donald Trump says. "Just to be clear, I know where my birth certificate is," he joked.

Post-speech, Obama and the First Lady dined at Italian joint Maialino in Gramercy, where, hopefully, they opted for the restaurant's spectacular Malfatti dish. They also saw A Raisin in the Sun on Broadway, starring Denzel Washington.