2007_04_baracknyc.jpgAfter a quick Monday visit to the city by Senator Barack Obama, NYC still seems excited about the presidential candidate. One fund-raiser tells the Daily News that Obama probably raised at least $700,000 from his three $2,300-ticket events. Another said that when Obama's campaign revealed it had raised $25 million during the first quarter, that attracted more donors: "Something is happening. It's like the damn burst."

The Post tackles the Obama lovefest by following up on their Sunday front-page story about Bryant Park Hotel doorman Gregory Smith who has shifted his allegiance from Senator Hillary Clinton to Obama. After reading about Smith, a Jamaican immigrant who took his job for the health benefits it would offer his family, Obama called him at his Brooklyn home on Monday and asked if he could tell his story on the campaign trail.

The Observer also notes the success of Obama's visit, with fund-raisers crowing about how packed the parties were and a great quote from actor Andre Gregory (as in "My Dinner With Andre"), who attended one of them: “I would say that he is the first man running for President that I have been truly excited about since Lyndon Johnson first became President. Since Lyndon Johnson’s first term, I have not voted for a single candidate with enthusiasm.”