Senator Barack Obama made the most of his NYC visit. He had three fund-raisers all over Manhattan, plus his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman brought up Obama's biggest rival, Senator Hillary Clinton, and asked if he'd join her on a presidential ticket, to which Obama said, "Which order are we talking about?"

Obama also clarified that he was not running for second. He said, "I think all the candidates are in to win. We're all on the same team. We're all Democrats. What we're doing is we're trying out for quarterback." Letterman also congratulated Obama on his fund-raising (Obama acknowledged that 90% came from donations of $100 or less), while Obama praised his Democratic colleagues running for president. See the clip here - it's only hours until CBS/Viacom tries to yank it off.

Obama also declined to participate in the Fox News-sponsored debate on September 23. John Edwards and Clinton aren't attending either. And the Post got a Big Apple quote from Obama. The Post asked why New Yorkers like him, and the senator joked, "I think it's because I went to Columbia. I lived in New York for five years, so I'm part-New Yorker."

Did you see him on Letterman? What did you think? Maybe because we read Adam Nagourney's article about "a lower key" Obama, but he did seem rather easy-going and unbothered.