Who blinked? Not Obama! After basically bowing to NY officials who wanted the terror trials of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his accomplices out of the city (too expensive, they said) his spokesman is now telling the press that the administration is not done negotiating. “We are talking with the authorities in New York," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told CNN. "We understand their logistical concerns and their security concerns that are involved. We have been discussing that with them."

Meanwhile, Sen. Chuck Schumer isn’t having it, reported the NY Post. He’s stated that not only does he not want the trials in NY City, but the whole state should be off-limits. "I'm familiar with three sites listed upstate. I don't think any of those could be suitable," the senator said, referring to the federal prison in Otisville, the US Military Academy at West Point and the air base at Stewart Airport, outside Newburgh. He wasn’t specific about his objections. On the news, Gibbs gave a little jab at Bloomberg, Schumer and the city’s other terror trial deserters. "As you know, they were originally supportive of this," he said.