President Obama addressed the graduates at West Point Academy on Saturday, saying, "Adversaries want to divide us, but we are united by our support for you - soldiers who send a clear message that this country is both the land of the free and the home of the brave." His comments about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the threats of terrorism received applause from the graduates, but Fox News apparently didn't like it! Filmmaker Michael Moore posted the Fox video on Twitter, which features what seems to be an edited pause, making it look like Obama was met with silence when he said the country is poised to end the war in Iraq this summer. However, Michael Moore isn't exactly the most unbiased reporter. Watch the Fox version for yourself:

The original is on the White House's website. So, is the above version edited, or was it just an innocent TV glitch, like that one time Sean Hannity used crowd shots of Glenn Beck's 9/12 protest to make a different GOP health care rally appear more heavily attended?