Last May, math-majoring junior Michael Quercia was arrested for possession of 10 ounces of pot in his dorm room, and NYU decided that he should perform 500 hours of community service and would remain suspended until 2007. Quercia thought that was a bit extreme, and a Manhattan judge agreed, calling NYU's ruling "a Draconian measure that is disproportionate to the offense committed." The Daily News reported that Supreme Court Justice Walter Tolub thinks that Quercia should be "reinstated after completing 100 hours of community service" - which Quercia is performing at the Salvation Army Northport Veterans Residence.

NYU, though, will appeal, probably trying to set an example after the saga of drug-dealing Julia Diaco, aka the Pot Princess. Incoming NYU freshies, take note: NYU will nail your ass to the wall if you have pot in your dorm room, but you may be able to parlay it all into being a singer. And it looks like Quercia pleaded guilty to criminal charges, since the Post reports his criminal punishment was $95 fine and 10 days community service. Updated: Quercia's lawyer, Bernie Kleinman, wanted to clarify that Quercia only pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.