After being lambasted by the neighbors for their last stab at a plan for the area south of Washington Square the University has come back with an all-new, kinda-different plan. Gone is the tower smack next to I.M. Pei's "Silver Towers." Instead the school is now looking to replace the Coles gym on Mercer with a "zipper building" going up to 27 stories and to build a 14-story dorm/public school on the site of the current Morton-Williams.

Further, if the school can get the air rights, it wants to build two "boomerang" buildings on the superblock bordered by West 3rd, Bleecker, Mercer and LaGuardia. In the new plan the buildings have been tweaked to allow more sunlight into the center of the block.

There is a fair amount to absorb in the lastest plans, and you know that the already testy neighborhood (read: Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation) is going to have a field day with anything that NYU even thinks about doing, so while we go do that we'll leave you to peruse them yourself.

Love the new look, or hate it? NYU is going to present them to the public on Monday, March 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Grace Church School Auditorium at 86 Fourth Avenue.