“NYU is the largest private university in the United States and they are growing,” Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, told Community Board 2 Thursday night. “They are growing at a much faster pace than our neighborhood is. NYU has always been here. It should always be here. I don't think the Village would be the Village if NYU wasn't here. But I don't think the Village can stay the Village if it is predominantly NYU”

And so a new campaign to get NYU to check it's own expansions in the Village by creating a "secondary campus" begins. According to the Villager "about 40 residents and community group members turned out in support of the idea." The Washington Square News coverage of the meeting is here. And for the record, had we known, we would've shown up as well. As far as we've always understood it, the whole point of NYU was that it didn't have a campus, or rather that the "city is your campus." Columbia had it's super-block and NYU had the rest. As the GVSHP folks point out, NYU already has the Medical campus on First Avenue and other buildings studded around the city.

Of course, until about 1970, when N.Y.U. made the decision to expand in the Washington Square area, it maintained a secondary campus in the Bronx. As for possible locations for a new secondary campus, Berman suggested Governors Island, Long Island City, the Financial District and Brooklyn. The city, under the Bloomberg administration, is more than ever “looking for synergies” to develop new areas, and N.Y.U. should work with the city to take advantage of this trend to locate a secondary campus, he said.

Furthermore, as this editorial points out "many parts of the city would welcome the business and other benefits NYU would bring ... If the Village is to remain the Village, an not become NYU-ville, NYU must find some logical limit to its growth in this neighborhood."

Or, as one friend put it: "If NYU would just stop suffocating the Village, we could all breathe a lot easier."

Map from the Villager.