Joo Won-moon, the 21-year-old NYU student and South Korean national who illegally crossed the Chinese border into North Korea in April—in hopes of improving the North's relations with the South—made a 30 minute media appearance in Pyongyang this morning.

After reading a prepared statement praising North Korea and its government, Joo took questions.

"I am not very sure about my future, but because I broke the law by illegally entering, I will accept any judgement as given," he told reporters. "But as a young college student who wanted to satisfy his curiosity I hope to be treated generously."

Joo also confirmed that he hasn't had the "opportunity" to contact his family since his detainment five months ago, but that he hopes to return home "soon."

"I would like to tell my family and loved ones that I am well and very healthy," he said.

Joo, a resident of New Jersey and junior at NYU's Stern School of Business, hiked from the Great Wall of China over the border into North Korea during his semester off this spring. He managed to scale two barbed wire fences and cross a wide river before North Korean police officers arrested him.

During a media appearance in May, Joo told CNN's Will Ripley that he was comfortable and well fed, and that his family and friends had "no need to worry."

He also explained that he had wanted to be arrested. "I thought that by my entrance—illegally I acknowledge... some great event could happen, and that event could affect the relations between the North and South," he said.