Right now, Asher Vongtau is recovering from injuries he suffered after falling from a NYU dorm fire escape and spending 36 hours stuck between two buildings. He has a fractured skull, fractured pelvis and broken arms but it could have been worse. His mother said he contemplated cutting off one of his arms in order to stay alive.

The 19-year-old was found lying on his right arm in a space that was about 18 inches wide. Habiba Vongtau told DNAinfo, "He began to think about the movie where the guy chops off his arm," referring to 127 Hours about mountain climber Aron Ralston and starring James Franco. "He thought, ‘Am I gonna have to do that?’ He thought about his family. He thought, ‘I’m not gonna give up.’ He just yelled for help as much as he could." Vongtau was finally found after his friends urged NYU Public Safety to inspect the roof of 80 Lafayette Street; once a guard went up, he heard the student's moans.

The FDNY was concerned he might not survive being removed from the space, but Vongtau made it out okay. He's very grateful to his rescuers; his mother added, "One of them came around the day I got here, yesterday. The minute [Asher] saw him, he was like, ‘Oh my God.’ He said those guys were like Navy SEALs... He’s in great spirits because he knows he had no business getting out of that hole. It was a miracle. It’s an incredible story, really."