An NYU student has been arrested for illegally entering North Korea, according to the Times.

The student has been identified by Korean Central News Agency as 21-year-old New Jersey resident Joo Won-moon. They say he was detained on April 22nd in North Korea after crossing the Yalu River from the Chinese town Dandong. Joo is reportedly South Korean, but a permanent US resident. The News Agency added that Joo admitted 'his actions were in violation of North Korean law.'

An NYU spokesman confirmed to Newsday that Joo is a junior at NYU's Stern School of Business, but was not taking classes this semester and the university was unaware of his travels. "When we heard the news reports, NYU got in touch with the student's family to express our concerns over his welfare and to convey our support. His well-being is in our thoughts and prayers," John Beckman told them.

This is just the latest incident in which North Korea has held foreigners—often South Korean citizens, sometimes Americans—for entering into the country. They announced in March that they had arrested two "South Korean spies." Last year, two Americans were detained for on "anti-state" charges; they were both sentenced to hard labor, but released in November.