Reports allege that NYU film student Joann Leavy had an argument with her father about taking medication right before leaping to her death from the Tisch School of Arts building. Many of Leavy's classmates recall that an early film of Leavy's involved a character's suicide; they also noted that Leavy was very talented but her behavior had been erratic lately. One of the saddest statements is from the super at Leavy's building, who saw her run out on her way to Tisch where she jumped; John Lemieszewki said, "I wish I had known she was having problems. I would have tackled her to the floor and called an ambulance. I would have restrained her until help arrived."

Still, the NYU community does wonder if there's a bigger issue. NYU students, for their part, seem sad yet philosophical about the suicides. One student told Newsday, "You have 27,000 students. Six is not that big of a number; it's not surprising when you look at the numbers." Another told the Post, "I don't really think it has anything to do with NYU. It's kids' problems, not NYU."