Last night at 10:30 word came in over the newswire of a jumper down at 1 Washington Square Village, across from Bobst Library. This morning the NY Post reports that the man who jumped from a 16th-floor balcony in the apartment building was 37-year-old NYU computer science professor, Sam Roweis. He just started at the university last year, and was described by others as "a very happy, happy guy."

He and his wife recently had preemie twins, and a source says they were in the midst of an argument over how to care for them when he jumped. According to the Daily News, "investigators said the agitated educator stalked into a back room of his apartment and went off a balcony so quietly that his wife did not realize what had happened until she couldn't find him." Upon reaching the lobby she was told by the doorman that somebody had jumped.

His body was found between LaGuardia Place and West 3rd Street.