On Monday night, the 24-year-old son of a NYU development official was shot in his Bleecker Street apartment, along with a convicted drug dealer in what police believe was a robbery during a drug deal. According to the Daily News, Alex Bongard, 24, and Luke Hinde, who served time for marijuana possession, "were selling marijuana from Bongard's third-floor apartment when two men posing as customers showed up at 11:30 p.m. Monday, police said. As the dealers opened the door, the intruders - who wore ski masks - stormed inside. One pulled out a handgun and opened fire."

The Post reports that a third person, a woman, was also in the apartment; the suspects left with cash and the woman's purse. The woman called 911 while Bongard, who was shot in the chest, and Hinde, who was shot in the stomach, were wounded. Both victims are expected to survive.

Bongard's mother, Debra LaMorte, is the senior vice president of development at NYU. Police also found marijuana in the apartment (which is not owned by NYU); the Post has this dramatic description of Hinde's past: He "recently served state prison time in Arizona for a marijuana-related conviction. Less than a month after his November 2009 parole, he led Utah cops on a wild, 130-mph chase through the desert in a car loaded with pot."

In September, a Pace student was fatally shot in his Financial District apartment; police believe he was selling drugs and killed during a robbery attempt.