The son of a top NYU fundraising official remain in critical condition after being shot in his Bleecker Street apartment on Monday night. Alexander Bongard, 24, was shot in the chest, and his mother, Debra LaMorte, issued a statement through NYU saying, “He is on the brink... There will be many challenges for my son and all of us in the days and weeks ahead, but right now, as his mother, I am only focused on two things: his making a full recovery, and the NYPD catching the gunmen who shot my son."

The police released surveillance video from Bongard's apartment building; according to the Post, "two unidentified men donned masks when they went up to Bongard’s third-floor apartment, purportedly to buy pot, at about 11:30 p.m." Bongard and friend, Luke Hinde, 31, who has served time for marijuana possession in Arizona, were shot. A third person, a 27-year-old woman, in the apartment witnessed the shooting and told the Daily News, "They busted the door down in the bedroom. It was the most terrifying, horrifying experience I've ever been in."

She added, "I was hiding under a chair and they shot Luke. He was begging them not to shoot. He said he had a son." The suspects took her purse and filled it with cash. Police found marijuana in Bongard's apartment; the Post reports, "Sources said that although the amount of marijuana found in Bongard’s apartment was significant enough to support cops filing drug charges against one or both of the shooting victims, it was unclear whether that would happen."