NYU's Department of Social and Cultural Analysis will be offering a course on Occupy Wall Street next semester. The class will cover a wide range of topics, including the dialectics of defecating on cop cars, the gender politics of female-bodied persons trapped in a male-bodied "persons' mic," and paid protesting for dummies. Professor Lisa Duggan tells Washington Square News, "Occupy Wall Street has done us all the service of illuminating [the fact] that the economy operates within the framework of political, social and cultural conflicts, and not outside them." And it's high time kids got college credit for it!

The course, which we hear will be called "Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit 101," will also be offered on the graduate level this spring. And other universities may soon follow NYU's lead. Peter Bearman, professor of sociology at Columbia University, is excited about the idea, and he tells the Washington Square News, "OWS as a topic of study offers prismatic opportunities to consider the changing shape of inequality in our society and the dynamic processes of repertoire change in social movements globally, from the picket line to the sit-in, to the consideration of life course trajectories, among other themes central to the sociological apprehension of the modern context."

Yep, that there's all one sentence. Translated into English from the exotic language of Academic Jargonese, we're pretty sure it means I GOT TENURE, BITCHES! Nevertheless, this class is perfect for NYU kids, because now they'll learn how to help their parents survive in Occupy Wall Street tent cities after they lose their homes in an avalanche of NYU tuition debt. [Via Daily Intel]