Yesterday, we spun you the tale of Geoffrey Miller, a visiting professor at NYU who riled up the Internets by fat-shaming PhD applicants on Twitter. Despite the uproar, though, it doesn't look like Miller's in trouble with the Bobcats; though his primary employer, the University of New Mexico, isn't too happy with him right now, NYU says it's cool since he apologized.

Sunday's tweet, in which evolutionary psychology professor Miller claimed obese PhD applicants wouldn't have the willpower to write a dissertation if they couldn't refrain from eating carbs, elicited a lot of well-deserved rage from the rest of the Internet, and even spawned a Tumblr featuring full-bodied PhD candidates who, hey, successfully defended their dissertations. Miller's since apologized for and deleted the tweet (and locked his Twitter account to boot), but his home school, UNM, says they're "deeply concerned" about his assertion.

Apparently, Miller has told them the tweet was "part of a research project" to measure responses to provocative tweets. "We are look­ing into the valid­ity of this asser­tion, and will take appro­pri­ate mea­sures," the school said in a statement yesterday. Hey, at least he didn't claim he was hacked!

Meanwhile, NYU says they're not too concerned about Miller, who taught a few classes at the Stern School of Business last semester and is scheduled to stay through August. "Professors have said things before that are controversial," Philip Lentz, a spokesman for NYU, told the Observer. "I don’t want to characterize this as ‘big’ or not." After all, this is the school that hired Upskirt Professor, Williamsburg Dog Whisperer, James Franco and the guy who sued James Franco—they've seen worse.