If you go to NYU, Brooklyn College, City College, Hunter College, Queens College, New School, or other a number of other schools, you get to enjoy a snow day. If you go to Columbia, Barnard, Pace, and Fordham, you're going to class.

Originally, classes were simply delayed at NYU, but then they were cancelled. Uptown, Columbia issued this notice:

The University is open today, Thursday, Jan. 27, for normal operations, classes and scheduled activities, although some delays may be expected this morning.

While the snowfall has largely ended and conditions should improve throughout the day, we are aware that travel will be slower than normal for the morning commute. Employees who may be late should contact their supervisors.

Until further notice, Morningside campus access is limited to the main College Walk gates at 116th Street on Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, as well as the Lerner Hall gate at 115th and Broadway. Other gates are closed for snow removal operations.

The Lamont campus will open an hour later than normal, accounting for expected delays in shuttle service from Morningside. Other campus shuttle bus service will be running, but some delays are also to be expected this morning.

We encourage everyone to check back here for updates about the University's status and schedule.

Many, if not all, CUNY schools and offices are closed. At Fordham, they cancelled yesterday's afternoon classes and this morning classes before 10:50 a.m., but classes after 10:50 a.m. today are ON.