Following Donald Trump's astonishing win in Tuesday's Presidential election, outbursts of racist vandalism have been reported at a Minnesota high school, a Philadelphia storefront, and a softball dugout in Wellsville (and online the bigoted glee has been been relentless. But hate isn't isolated to just the internet and rural America—it's cropping up in the heart of Manhattan.

An image of "TRUMP" scrawled onto the door of a Muslim prayer room at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering was posted to Facebook yesterday by the NYU Muslim Student Association, and has received over six thousand shares and 500 comments, almost all of which decry Islamophobia, racism, and our new President-elect. "We awoke on November 9th to a chilling wakeup call," the photo's caption reads. "As we open our eyes and start to move and organize in the faces of these realities, we ask for your support."

To a degree, movement and organization against Trump has already begun. Tens of thousands took to the streets in demonstrations across America Wednesday night, including Manhattan, protesting Trump's Electoral College win and the conservative platform he's promised to turn into law. More specifically, The NYU MSA has planned a demonstration at the university's Kimmel Center for Student Life tonight at 6:30 p.m.

Islamophobia in New York City is not a new thing, but any logical observer can see that things will only intensify under Trump. When the President speaks, they speak for the nation, and we have already heard Trump call for a ban on Muslim immigration, lie about seeing Muslims cheer the 9/11 attacks, and said flat-out he believes "Islam hates us." Hate crimes against Muslims in America have been on the rise for two years in a row, and are now happening at a rate not seen since 9/11.

If you follow the teachings of Islam, wear a hijab, or just happen to appear Muslim the eyes of American bigots, things are already awful for you and they are set to get worse. To help you stand up against hate, here's a useful guide for speaking out against Islamophobia as it happens.