0804silvercenter.jpgOn the one-year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting, NYU officials announced yesterday that the university is "exploring installing an unprecedented security system involving an electronic remote lockdown system that would shut down classrooms and entire buildings" in the event of an emergency.

If it pans out, this would be the first of its kind at a school, allowing officials to bolt classroom doors and building entrances, as well as reach staff and students through a public-address system. It would be placed in the more heavily trafficked buildings and dorms, mostly near Washington Square, with the Silver Center being highest priority.

Does NYU have the cash for the undertaking? They'll be finding out this summer and will then determine whether the purchase will be made after they test-drive it on one of the buildings. Washington Square News reports currently "the first line of defense against armed assailants is the police. Public safety guards are unarmed; in a crisis, they are supposed to call 911."

Photo via shamrocktattoo's flickr.