2008_07_lawsch.jpgMoney talks, or at least can get you a seat in coveted classes at NYU Law School. The Post says that the cash-for-certain classes marketplace was hot and heavy on the school's forums, with emails like "WANT: Entertainment Law, Will Pay Cash" and "I really want this class. I don't have any classes to trade, so I'll rely on the old capitalist standby, cash.". But Vice Dean Liam Murphy sent an email reminding students "that trading class spots for money or goods, or offering to do so, is a violation of law school rules," but apparently it's been in practice for years. One recent graduate explained, "We believe in the free market, and we think that we should be able buy things that are valuable to us. Our job is to find our way around rules." Just think what the kids in joint JD-MBA programs are doing!