Since there aren't any suicides or drug deals, or even a millions-scamming student, to speak of - yet - at NYU, the NY Post decides to shake things up with an article about the NYU freshman life by an anonymous frosh Stern student. This reads like the email that you would write to your friends after your first week of college - "Oh my God, there are drugs! There is sex! Oh my God, we're just drinking! I'm so hungover!" - except Gothamist finds something charmingly naive about it. Some excerpts:

- I really need a fake ID.
-I have friends who live in University Hall uptown, and it's pretty boring. Everyone has their doors shut, and no one really socializes. I also have friends who live in Weinstein, the other freshman dorm, and they kind of hate it, too. It's more like a prison block than a dorm.
- Drugs are not hard to get in the dorms. They're readily available, and although I don't know anyone personally who deals, I've heard plenty of stories.
- At first, I was really intimidated by the library; I mean so many people killed themselves there last year. But now I think it's a good place to go and study and get away from the insanity of the dorms.
- I don't tell these stories to my parents. I'm pretty confident that I'm going to be fine. This place is like Las Vegas and Sodom rolled into one, and the best advice I've heard is to not get sucked into a 24-hour party lifestyle.

Yeah, good luck with that last one, because going to NYU is like living la vida loca! But Hayden does totally suck. At least he's not in one of the dorms off Third Avenue! We'll expect a letter from NYU spokesman John Beckman going out to parents to reassure them that the article was the product of muckrucking tabloid journalism!

Do you miss your college days? Gothamist just feels really old when we see the NYU students on the street...where did our youth go?