2006_04_hehman.jpgPolice are looking for fifth suspect in connection to the death of NYU junior Broderick Hehman. Police have already arrested four teenagers who allegedly chased Hehman, who then ran into a car at Park Avenue and 125th Street and later died of his injuries. And the teenagers are only 13 and 15 years old. Though the police are not charging the four with a hate crime - they reportedly said, "Get whitey" while chasing him - because their intent was to rob Hehman, versus assault him due to his race, the ACLU's Norman Siegel and 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care's Eric Adams are asking for a meeting with Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau to request that the teens be charged with a hate crime. Siegel said, "When Howard Beach occurred -- and it was white on black -- everyone was upset. This is similar. Somehow because this was black on white, people think it is different. No, it isn't." However, the Washington Square News says that his friends think Hehman would have been upset the way his death has become a spectacle.