2006_03_accident.jpgJohn Broderick Hehman, a 20 year old urban studies major at NYU, was hit by a car on East 125th Street in Harlem on Saturday night, and police have witness reports that say Hehman had been chased by a group of men. One man who witnessed the accident told the TImes, "Some kids were trying to beat him," and leading people to believe that Hehman ran into the intersection of 125th and Park to avoid his attackers. Hehman is in critical condition at Harlem Hospital, with a fractured skull and a broken leg.

Hehman's sister Marisa says that he was headed out to meet some friends at the time; she also told the Post that their mother died of cancer six months ago. The driver of the car that hit Hehman will most likely not face charges.