NYU spokesman John Beckman is the hardest working man in university communications these days. What with yesterday's news of the NYU student living in the library's basement, not to mention the many suicides this past school year, did he really need to have a freshman arrested for dealing pot? Of course, a college student selling drugs is much more understandable than living in the library, but it definitely lacks that unfelonious charm. Julia Diaco, a freshman from Rumson, NJ, was apprehended at a St. Marks apartment building, with "several ounces of high grade pot and a scale" on her, according to Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau. Diaco was also dealing pot and other hallucinogens from her NYU dorm, Hayden Hall. The Daily News emphasizes that Diaco's family lives in a "castle-like mansion" in the same town as Bruce Springsteen, her family was "powerful" - with her dad a "big wheel" in construction - and that Diaco was "headstrong and always well-dressed." Hmm, Daily News, try to spell it out a little more, okay? The other great thing about the Daily News's coverage are the quotes from suitemates:

Diaco suite mate who declined to give her name said "it was pretty obvious what she was doing" and that "she had a lot of customers."
"The phone calls she made were really loud," the student said.
Another suite mate said, "I just noticed lots of people walking in and out all the time."
The first suite mate said the floor's resident assistant had warned Diaco "to stop before she was found out."

It's both a "Ha!"" and "Yikes, that resident assistant is going to go down!" if that last statement is true. Unless NYU has a "one strike and you're out" policy we don't know about. And Ask Gothamist pondered the ethics of eavesdropping on what roommates say on the phone.