2006_09_nyudorm.jpgWe were perusing the Washington Square News, the NYU student paper, and this week, it's covering the housing situation. Some interesting articles:

- Five hundred NYU students didn't get housing at the close of the school year, but all are in housing now. But not necessarily all of them went to NYU housing - apparently the lottery system and waiting for a dorm assignment can actually drive people into the NYC rental market. One junior who was finally placed said she would leave NYU housing for her senior year, explaining, "My roommate and I are planning on living in New York after graduation, so it would make that transition that much easier."

- Which brings us to a story about the 26th Street dorm converting its doubles to singles. Doubles (two people, a set of bunk beds) would run $1,000 per person. For NYU, that's low-cost housing, but the former doubles/new singles go for $2,000 per person - definitely not low-cost housing.

Now, for $1,000 per person, you could probably end up with a decent apartment, though perhaps one in Brooklyn and with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears after searching on craigslist. This is also why many students probably move out or try to become RA's.

- And the community loves SVA more than NYU: The School of Visual Arts is building a dorm at 10th Street and Third Avenue where NYU had once hoped to build one. And the neighborhood hasn't filed a lawsuit against SVA! Why the warm welcome for SVA when NYU is getting raked over the coals? The Greenwich Village Society for Historcial Preservation said that SVA wasn't building to the zoning limits and would have had a floor area ratio of 3.44, versus NYU's ratio of 9 for its proposed 12th Street building.

In short, there's a reason why the streets clogged with NYU students - their dorm rooms are too crowded! And uptown, Columbia's Society of Automotive Engineers built a miniature Formula One race car.