2006_10_connectfour.jpgIf we didn't read it in the Washington Square News, we would have guessed that either Dennis Crowley or Charlie Todd was behind this. But it looks like NYU RAs were the ones who created a Connect Four board out of Weinstein Hall's windows so students could play from the outside. It was part of an effort to bring the dorm community together (Floor Wars), even if it made some students cranky.

“It was definitely not good that they came and woke me up just to hang up things in my window,” CAS freshman Michael Bliss said of the RAs preparation for the event.

The windows in between represented the empty spaces the competitors chose where to place their “pieces” — or in this case, large sheets of red or black paper. Via cell phone, the two players chose where they wanted their pieces to fall by contacting RAs on each floor who then taped the appropriate team’s square on whoever’s window it happened to be.

“In terms of doing a good job, this is the kind of stuff we should be doing more of — using our buildings in creative ways,” Weinstein’s Community Development Educator Ryan Sylvester said. “Plus, it would be cool to say we had the largest game of Connect Four ever.”

Stern freshman Tommy Wong faced off against CAS freshman Catherine Kelso (students played Connect Four with boring actual Connect Four products during elimination rounds) in the Weinstein challenge, with Wong winning three games. We wonder if they consulted the so-called "perfect play" to force a win. Now, students at Brooklyn College and Pace University should face off with each other with an East River game of Battleship and Columbia should turn the quad into a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Be sure to check out PacManhattan and the Improv Everywhere folks dancing in Union Square.

Photograph from the Washington Square News