Try to hold back your laughter: NYU, aka "Las Vegas and Sodom rolled into one," told a Community Board 3 meeting last week that the school is interested in working with community and government officals to curb underage drinking. The school, an offical told the board, wants "a community partnership that includes local bar operators to devise a framework of 'education, responsibility and safety' regarding students and nightlife."

According to the Villager, the school's intentions were met with mixed reactions. On the one hand doing anything is better than doing nothing, hence the unanimous support of the idea by the CB3 State Liquor Authority Committee. On the other hand the reality is that actually stopping underage drinking just isn't going to happen - which is why there are some very good arguments to return to the drinking age to 18. One big problem is that there is little real punishment for underage drinkers. As Sutra Lounge owner Ariel Palitz told the Villager:

“We’re working ferociously to keep them out, but if they’re caught they’re just not admitted. We feel that if Suzy winds up in Rikers for two days it would make a big impact on other students,” Palitz said. “It’s unfair that bars are the only ones penalized for underage drinking. Having fake I.D. is a crime and it should have criminal consequences,” she said.

We don't know about two days in Riker's, but we certainly understand the sentiment. Do you think that NYU needs to crack down on underage drinking? How would you go about doing it?

Washington Square Arch by LaTur via Contribute.