As expected, NYU's neighbors did not seem very receptive to the university's plan for a 38-story tower right on Bleecker Street, near the Silver Towers during a standing room-only presentation. Residents gave measured, sometimes subjective opinions: "The biggest concern, I think, is the overbuilding in our area. We've seen the loss of greenspace, we're concerned about the height of these buildings" and "NYU is the bully in the neighborhood, NYU disregards everything the neighbors say at these meetings."

Other descriptions of what would be the tallest building—part hotel, part housing for faculty— in Greenwich Village: "Overtaxing," "disturbing," "untenable" and "a misfit for the community". And the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation's Andrew Berman told the Real Deal, "The fact that they are asking for commercial zoning for a hotel in a residential district is unacceptable."

According to Curbed, some yelled "Remember 1958!", "in recognition of the victory won by Jane Jacobs and friends when they defeated Robert Moses' plan to ram Fifth Avenue through the middle of Washington Square." If NYU is unable to build the tower on Bleecker, it'll build, in the "less desirable" location of Laguardia Place between Houston and Bleecker, where the Morton Williams supermarket currently stands.