2007_07_nyu.gif2007_07_poly.gifYesterday we got a tip that Polytechnic University posted an emergency message on their site. Later it became clear in an update to the tipster that "NYU is taking over Polytechnic, which will become Polytechnic Institute of New York University."

Apparently NYU's President Sexton has been wanting an engineering program for a while. In October 2004 The NY Times published an article about the possible alliance, mentioning the closure of the engineering program at NYU 31 years prior due to financial difficulties - at which point Poly hired 100 NYU faculty members from that department. The night before The Times article came out, an email from Sexton was sent to staff, faculty and students apprising them of the situation.

Finally it looks like NYU will be getting big science back, and while both schools will mutually benefit from the merger we wonder what this means for admissions standards...and the question our tipster asks is: will the NYU kids will now take over Brooklyn Heights as well?