2008_11_obamaheart.jpgSenator Charles Schumer is wasting no time: He tells the Daily News, "Washington can't do what it did in Herbert Hoover's time and twiddle its thumbs." Noting how Obama said that states must be helped during this economic downturn, the senior Senator from NY says Obama should help New York with money for "affordable housing, transportation and help hiring for cops." City Council member John Liu, chair of the Council's transportation committee, added that a bailout is needed for the MTA, "It would be a small, small fraction of the $700 billion bailout of banks or anything they may be thinking for General Motors," while member David Yassky said, "The best thing is to invest in infrastructure that will support economic growth for years." Representative Jerold Nadler puts it bluntly, "We want as big a stimulus package as possible." Photo: jharriscohen on Flickr