News that NY has the highest state and local taxes in the country is not new news, but it gives Gothamist an extra bit of heartburn, especially after the Brennan Center for Justice's report revealing that the NY State legislative process is the most dysfunctional in the country! The NY Times spoke to NY State Senate majority leader, Joseph Bruno, about the findings and possibility of reforming the legislature, and Bruno scoffed at those ideas, saying "You've got to get in the real world." Bruno's reaction prompted some choice letters from NY Times readers ("Perhaps it is Mr. Bruno who should get in the real world - one beyond New York, where other state legislatures actually vote, debate and represent their constituencies..."), including one that tells the State Assembly to refer to the part of the website that tells kids what the State Assembly is. Oh, snap!

Here's a PDF of the entire Brennan Center report. And the NY State tax average is $4,600, while local taxes average out to $2,300 (85% higher than the national average).