Yesterday, the DEA announced it had conducted the biggest methamphetamine raid in New York State history, with a haul of 50 pounds of meth—worth $800,000—from a New Rochelle boardinghouse. Now it turns out that meth is worth 25% more!

Apparently the 50 pounds of powdered meth has a street value of $1 million. Wendell Melendez, 31, and Jesus Villaneuva, 41, were arrested on Sunday, but the charges haven't been announced yet. Neighbors were shocked—one person yelled to the Journal News, "You never know who’s living in the neighborhood!" while another told the Post, "I don’t think anybody knows them. There’s just lots of people going in and out all the time. We never expect this in this area. We thought it was so quiet, but the quiet place is the worst place."

It's believed the meth is from California, and it probably originated in Mexico. DEA Special Agent in Charge Brian Crowell said, "Mexican cartels are continuously trying to get it into the market here to generate more and more users. That’s the threat." He expects more arrests are possible, "The chemist that made this all the way to the transporters will all face justice eventually." Heisenberg?!?!