New York Public Library president Anthony Marx is not going to be driving again for awhile. Marx pleaded guilty today to driving while intoxicated back in November. No more sloppy Sunday afternoon drives for Marx!

As punishment for getting caught at 3 p.m. driving a NYPL car with a blood-alcohol level of .08 (though in his first attempt he blew a .19, more than twice the legal limit) Marx, 52, has had his license suspended for six months, was fined $500, ordered to take a defensive driving program, attend 16 counseling sessions and (if he owned a car, which he doesn't) install a disabling device on it for the next six months.

"The New York Public Library is satisfied that the incident has been resolved and looks forward to the important work ahead for Dr. Marx and the Library," a spokesperson from the library said in a statement. Marx took over the NYPL back in July after a stint as the president of Amherst College. He joined the library at an interesting, and divisive, time in its history and it reamins to be seen how this incident will effect his leadership.