Responding to the glut of city employees' parking placards—which let them park for free at meters and many off-limits areas—last year the mayor's office managed to cut the 144,160 placards by over 20 percent. To accomplish this goal, the city consolidated control over the placards with the NYPD; formerly each city agency got to dole out their own. The NYPD's point person for determining which officers got placards was Lt. Jemal Doute, the head of the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau's Vehicle Placard Unit—until recently, when it was discovered that a female friend of Doute's obtained one of the "older" models of the placards through Doute.

Doute, a 15-year veteran, faces departmental charges of failing to safeguard a department placard, and will be transferred. He says the woman was a friend who had recently stopped by his office, and he claims that she must have swiped the placard without his permission. A patrol cop spotted the outdated placard on the dashboard of a parked car in Brooklyn several months ago and notified Internal Affairs. Now the Post is calling Doute the department's "plaque sheep."