It's no secret that the NYPD has been cracking down on tired (mostly male!) subway riders who put their feet up while traveling in semi-deserted trains. The cops routinely enter a subway car, order anybody with their feet up (or a bag on an unoccupied seat) to step out and get a summons. So it's shouldn't come as much surprise that one Frank Caldwell was recently on the receiving end of this sting, while riding the F train home. And it's also unsurprising that cops dragged him off the train even though he's 4'2" and suffers from a bone ailment. Dem's the rules! But the cop who wrote the ticket actually seemed to feel a little twinge of shame, and that's a shocker.

Caldwell, 43, was ordered off the train at the Jay Street station, and a search on his name revealed four outstanding warrants for open containers of alcohol in public. But "I wasn't even drunk!" Caldwell told the Post as he left Brooklyn court yesterday. "They just needed to make an arrest. I've got a disability in my legs and I just wanted to lie down. One of the officers told me later, 'If my supervisor weren't around, I would have just tapped you on the foot.'" Caldwell agreed to an ACD, so the charges will be dropped if he stays out of trouble for six months. Until then, he's just going to have to let his little feet dangle.