2007_01_hellsa1.jpgAs we all expected, the Hells Angels member who was arrested during a police raid of the motorcycle gang's headquarters plans to sue the city. The police were investigating the beating of a 52 year old woman found on the sidewalk outside the Hells Angels' location on East 3rd Street in the East Village. The police prepared to raid the establishment and brought out snipers, a hostage negotiation truck, and more, and arrested Richard West in the process.

West was not charged (lack of evidence) and was later released, but now Ron Kuby, lawyer for Hells Angels, says, "He will be filing a federal civil rights action for false arrest against the New York City Police Department... The Hell's Angels motorcycle gang is tired of being the NYPD's piñata." However, the NYPD said, "Considering their violence and unlawful history, it was a prudent response to ensure a safe conclusion," and noted that they confiscated "illegal slot machines, quantities of propane and nitrous oxide that the members didn't have permits for," not to mention the club's front door.
The Sun spoke to the manager of the Edge Bar, where Shalaby had a drink before being beaten up.

The manager of the Edge Bar, located on the same block as the clubhouse, Michael Rich, said Ms. Shalaby came in just before she was found beaten on the street. Mr. Rich said she came in and identified herself as "Barbarella," and then proceeded to "spout off poetry" over a jazz band playing in the bar. He served her one beer before she started crying and complaining about how the East Village had changed for the worse.

When she left, she said, "I'll see you all in hell," and stomped off, he said. Not long after, Mr. Rich said he heard sirens and saw her lying on the sidewalk, bleeding from the head.

Shalaby's daughter Michelle Caruso spoke out against whoever beat Shalaby, saying, "He's a coward, beaiting up a woman. He needs to pay for what he did." And the head of the Hells Angels says his members are innocent: We don't beat up broads."

Photograph of the police outside the Hells Angels headquarters on Monday night by lchance on Flickr