2006_12_drugtest.jpgFor the science geeks and those interested in drug test validity: The NY Post reports that an NYPD aviation pilot tested for coke when he failed a hair-sample drug test. But when pilot Jon Goldin took a urine test at a private lab, the test came back clean. Goldin's lawyer says that Goldin is innocent (he doesn't even drink alcohol!) and that his "positive for coke" test was due to the fact that Goldin's girlfriend is a cocaine user!

"We believe, based on her [drug] usage and from what the scientific people tell us, that this is a real possibility," [Paul Goldberger] said.

Goldin has been dating the same woman for the past two years - but was unaware of her drug history, according to a source familiar with the case. She 'fessed up after Goldin flunked the drug test, the source contended.

"They've almost [been] living together and having sexual relations of every kind," said the source. "It turns out that she's a steady user - or was a steady user of cocaine for several years - and he did not know this."

Sexual relations of every kind! The Post references a case from years ago where a female police officer "successfully litigated her return to the NYPD after claiming oral sex with a drug-using boyfriend contaminated her test."

Goldin, who patrols "sensitive locations" and has been part of many rescue operations, has been suspended without pay. Previously, the Collective Bargaining Board found that the NYPD's reliance on hair-analysis tests, versus urine tests, was unfair, so the NYPD's drug testing rules may be open to interpretation.