The NYPD has announced the results of their two-day effort to penalize drivers who aren't paying attention to pedestrians or anything else because they are using their damn cellphones. Overall, 5,258 summonses were issued.

The police were looking at three bad behaviors: Failing to yield to pedestrians; using a cellphone while operating a vehicle; and texting while operating a vehicle. Here's how the summonses broke down:

Use of a cell phone while driving - 2,938
Texting while driving - 1,066
Failure to yield right of way to pedestrians - 1,254

The NYPD characterized this as "part of the NYPD’s effort to reduce traffic collisions and conditions that cause death and injury to pedestrians," which leads us to believe that maybe they should have this crackdown every day?

The NYPD's statement adds: "Year to date pedestrian deaths have decreased 30.16%. The goal of Vision Zero is to bring the number of pedestrian deaths to zero. Pedestrians and drivers are reminded to avoid distraction while operating motor vehicles and walking City streets."