It's not easy to obtain a permit to legally carry a handgun in New York City, and we're willing to bet that many New Yorkers are okay with that. But John Stossel isn't your average New Yorker. He's a Controversial Media Personality, and he says some commenters on the Internet have made threats against him, so he wants a gun permit in case he needs to shoot some commenters in the face. (As one does.) Stossel also hates government regulation and has a TV show that thrives on this kind of stunt journalism, so there's that. Stossel's latest folly for his "War on the Little Guy" series on FOX Business shows how tough New York City can be for a defenseless Geraldo Rivera look-alike:

New York State has some of the most strict gun control laws in America, and New York City is even tighter—the NYPD is the entity responsible for issuing the licenses, and the majority of the 37,000 licenses are issued to retired NYPD officers, not former 20/20 correspondents. But some A-listers like Donald Trump, Robert DeNiro and Sean Hannity have been able to get licenses, so why not Stossel? WHY GOD WHY? According to Stossel's humiliating report, Stossel just isn't enough of a Big Shot.

The NYPD will only grant him a permit to keep a gun inside his home, but Stossel says he feels perfectly safe there. But will New Yorkers feel safe outside their homes with an unhinged Stossel waving a fucking gun around? Thankfully, it appears we'll never know. But to be fair, the guy probably could use some protection: