A 21-year-old woman faces a slew of charges for allegedly stealing a United States Postal Service truck, taking it on a wild joyride, and later crashing into several vehicles in Brooklyn, according to police.

Martha Thaxton, whom police say is homeless, faces charges that include grand theft auto, criminal possession of a stolen vehicle, and reckless endangerment for allegedly driving off with the empty postal truck she found at Fulton Street and Patchen Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The postal employee assigned to the truck reportedly came back from making deliveries to find the driver putting the boxy vehicle into drive and taking off eastbound on Fulton Street. The employee immediately flagged officers from the Police Department's housing unit, who called officers from the 81st Precinct to assist.

The NY Post reports the driver had cruised through seven blocks in the neighborhood with police in pursuit. Before Thaxton was apprehended, she allegedly crashed the postal truck into several unoccupied cars left parked on city streets. According to NBC 4, there were as many as 14 vehicles damaged by the vehicular rampage.

After driving the truck for several blocks and leaving a path of destruction, Thaxton ditched the vehicle after crashing it into one last car parked in front of 1509 Fulton Avenue. But she couldn't go far as the crashed postal truck reportedly blocked her from fleeing. She was immediately arrested at the scene.

Pictures posted on social media show the postal truck’s front mangled by the time the vehicular rampage ended.

No injuries were reported.