Police say that a woman on her way to work at JFK Airport was almost raped at a subway station early Friday morning. And apparently the attacker was a panhandler who wanted $3 from her while they were riding on the A train.

The suspect, Melvin Adams, saw the woman at the Beach 90th Street station and tried to "chat her up" on the shuttle. He followed her onto the A train at the Broad Channel station.

According to NBC New York, the panhandler was "putting his arm around her and asking for the money. She said she didn't have it to give him, and when she got off at the Howard Beach stop, he followed her off the train, and told her he was going to have sex with her because she refused to give him money. He then threw her against the wall at the station, licked her face, pulled his pants down and tried to pull her towards him to perform a sex act."

Her screams attracted some other people, and police say Adams fled onto another train. The 37-year-old was later caught and charged with attempted rape, sexual abuse and forcible touching.