The NYPD has vowed to crack down on bad drivers in areas near senior centers for a few days, after a number of elderly people were fatally struck by drivers recently.

The crackdown, dubbed the Holiday Pedestrian Safety Initiative, began yesterday and will end on Sunday, according to the NYPD. Police say they'll be focusing on the seven Vision Zero-related moving violations, with particular emphasis on failure to yield and speeding; they'll also be cracking down on drivers on cell phones.

Earlier this month, 84-year-old Liana Platika was fatally struck by a garbage truck driver in Midtown Manhattan; a few days prior, 85-year-old Bella Markowitz died after being struck by a driver making a left turn on Kings Highway.

Yesterday, a 62-year-old woman was fatally struck by a B36 bus driver in Sheepshead Bay, while crossing on East 17th Street. Police have since identified the woman, who was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital, as Eleonora Shulkina, who lived in Gravesend.

Meanwhile, though the NYPD has implemented this plan under the Vision Zero initiative, it will be will be interesting to see whether drivers will face significant consequences during this brief period. As we reported earlier this month, Transportation Alternatives found that fewer than 40 of the 5,966 drivers who caused fatal or serious injuries because of failure to yield last year were prosecuted for it.